At Top Seo, our local search engine optimization package will get you on the map. By having a high ranking listing in Google and other major search engines, you can drastically increase the number of customers that come to your brick and mortar store.


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Link Building

Content Creation

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As businesses grow, they expand their physical presence in real life and online, often offering products and services in different cities, states, and countries, as well as the languages that are spoken there so users will better understand them.   Ignite Visibility can provide multilingual and multi-regional website solutions for a variety of companies – working with your team to structure each site for any location and language the audience prefers.

How Does Local SEO Differ From SEO?

Local SEO operates using many of the same practices and principles as regular SEO, with an emphasis on local traffic and local features. Think about what your customers want in your industry and capture a page for each category. Be sure to give more detail than you think is necessary because people are looking for more specifics when it comes to the businesses around them, who can provide them with services they need!

How Does Link-Building For Local SEO Work?

Link-building can be very tricky. What works best in your home country may not necessarily benefit you in a different area of the world. Just because two sites have similar content does not mean they are relevant to each other, and therefore aren’t suitable for link-building activity. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes down to improving the “link-worthiness” of your website. But by securing links both on‐site and off‐site you will strengthen both the quality and authority of your site’s link profile, which is used as a local ranking factor.

How Does a Content Strategy Look Like For Local SEO?

Optimizing for local SEO starts with the content you publish. It should be location specific, and ultimately include local keywords to make it easy for users looking for information near your business or location to find your content. This involves creating custom landing pages, with information relevant to your audience, and including specific local keywords in page titles and descriptions as you do with your main site content. You can also encourage customers to review or rate your product or service on popular websites like Yelp, Google My Business, or TripAdvisor. Not only will you attract new customers but each post that’s indexed by Google may generate another local landing page – which will improve your rankings for those searches!

What is Your NAP?

in local SEO, your NAP refers to name, address and phone number. According to a recent Bright Local study, 64% of searchers have used Google My Business simply to find a business’ contact information, proving that typos or incomplete profiles can mean missing out on potential sales. On top of that, inconsistencies in your profile can mean that Google and search engines don’t know which information to trust. This could lead to inaccurate contact or other information displaying in the search engine results.

How Do You Optimize For A Multi-Location Business?

local SEO is still largely the same even if you’re a multi-location company; so, in essence, there isn’t much of a difference. However, being that you’re a business with multiple locations, it’d be best to have individual listings for each location. Yes this may require time and work since every individual location will need a strategy and consistency applied to it with regard to local citations, generating reviews for the business profile, etc… But having separate profiles will eliminate any issues revolving around duplicate content.